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Amsterdam, Netherlands

We explored Amsterdam only at night. Amsterdam is a perfect city for a long layover. This is my short experience in this vibrant city.

We were there right after Christmas in December, so it was decorated for the Holiday season still.

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands.

The Netherlands can also be known as Holland.

The official language of the Netherlands is Dutch and the currency is the Euro.

Amsterdam is known for its elaborate canal system. This is the best spot to capture photos of this magnificent city.

We stayed at the Best Western Amsterdam Airport Hotel in Hoofddorp. We took an Uber into the Amsterdam area to explore. The ride was only $26 there and then back. Some of the sites we saw and visited on this short adventure were:

  • Amsterdam Centraal

This is a transit station. It had exquisite Dutch architecture on the building. It was still decorated for Christmas when we were there. We went and rode the transit around.

  • Dam Square or the Dam

Dam Square is a town square with notable buildings. The National Monument is located here. It is a 1956 cenotaph.

  • The Dancing Houses

These colorful houses are picturesque. They appear as if they are swaying. The colors are vibrant and this is the ideal photo spot to capture the essence of Amsterdam. They are crooked historic houses located at Damrak.

  • Red Light District

You can find a lot of adult oriented content here in this district. The street is lit up with red lights. This is also known as the pleasure area. You can find legal prostitution, sex shops, and strip clubs. This is an iconic area to stroll down for a bit to see the atmosphere.

  • Damstraatjes

This is one of the most famous streets in Amsterdam. There are shops and sights to see. We strolled down this street to take in this amazing culture.

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