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Anna Maria Island, Florida

Anna Maria Island is a pristine paradise in Florida.

I visited in February and it was warm, sunny, and the water was clear.

We flew into Sarasota, Florida and stayed in Sarasota. We rented a car and drove to Anna Maria Island. It was about 26 miles but took a little over an hour because of the traffic.

There are 6 different beaches to choose from on Anna Maria Island: Coquina Beach, Manatee Beach, Bradenton Beach, Holmes Beach, Cortez Beach and Anna Maria Beach. We chose Coquina Beach. This area was on the start of AMI right when you cross over the bridge. They have a lot of public parking on Coquina Beach. It was also free. We decided to get there early around 9:45 to get the most out of the day.

We rented beach chairs and an umbrella when we were there at Coquina Beach Cafe. We were at the beach right next to this cafe. It was perfect because the Coquina Beach Cafe was right on the beach. We could walk up there to the public restrooms and the restaurant from our beach chairs. I loved this cafe because it was on the beach. Who doesn’t love eating lunch with your toes in the sand and an ocean view. Also the hamburgers were made fresh in front of you and they melted in your mouth. Also they have the cutest souvenir cups you can purchase too.

Coquina Beach had stark white grains of sand and a mix of emerald and turquoise water that was so clear you could see the ocean floor. The water was chilly but I still had to get in ankle deep to enjoy this pristine paradise.

The beach also had a lot of shells. I had to go shelling while I was there up and down Coquina Beach. I found some unique shells that I took home as souvenirs.

After our beach day we then ventured on downtown Anna Maria Island. We went to the Historic Bridge street and walked to see the different shops and of course buy a T-shirt while we were here.

We made a reservation for 5:00 at The Doctor’s Office near Holmes Beach area. The location where this bar is located was actually a real doctor’s office for many years prior. They have different seating areas to choose from, outside or inside. We ate inside near the Garden area. The presentation of the food was delicious and they bring you a doctor’s orders drink concoction. It was a tiny and fresh alcoholic drink.

On our way out of AMI we stopped to admire the sunset on the beach. It was exquisite and truly painted by God.

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