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Banff, Canada

This electric blue Gatorade water is worth the trip to Banff. This is located in Banff National Park in the Banff, Alberta, Canada region.

Beginning of the trip: Calgary, Canada

We flew into Calgary, Canada. We spent one night in the city. We didn’t even know at the time but we were there when the Calgary Stampede was and we got to go one of the nights to see and experience  that. The fried chocolate and the poutine was amazing. You have to try poutine when you go to Canada. It was fries with cheese curds and gravy. It doesn’t sound the best, but let me tell you it sure is! We then rented a car the next day and made our way to Banff. 

It was around an hour and a half drive from Calgary to Banff. We stopped in Canmore along the way and ate breakfast. 

Hotel in Banff, Canada

We stayed at the Elk+Avenue Hotel in Banff. This was downtown Banff and a perfect location for everything to be able to walk to. We walked to downtown and to food each day without having to drive. 

Day 1 in Banff

We went to Moraine Lake first. It was around a 30 minute drive to Moraine from Banff. We just parked our car in a parking lot close to the lake and a shuttle takes you up to the lake. The National Park pass we got when we parked and it was $20 for two days. 

The first thing we did was canoe the electric blue water. This water is like you are viewing life through a filter. It almost doesn’t even look real. It is as blue as a Gatorade. It was around $60 for three of us to canoe the lake. It was in July when we went and there was only 3 other people on the lake at the time so it was super nice.  We enjoyed the mountains, the glacier water, and the trees. Taking in all of God’s natural beauty. After that we decided to go up a short trail to take us to a lookout to see the water from the top. It was even a deeper hue of bright blue when viewed from this angle. 

Day 2 in Banff

This day we decided to visit Lake Louise. This water was not as electric blue as Moraine but still as extravagant to look at. It was more of a light teal blue color. 

We hiked to the Lake Agnus Tea House This hike was a little strenuous but so worth it. It was all up hill for 2 miles. You can stop along the way and enjoy the view as you are hiking. Some people were even riding horses up the path. What is so cool about this hike is there is a tea house at the top. The tea house is located at 7,000 feet up. It has no electricity, but you can sit at the restaurant and buy food in cash. They have to use a helicopter to bring the food in each day to the tea room.  Also the employees have to hike the trash up and down each day too. Some people were even offering to hike a bag of trash down to help. The two mile hike down was super easy after going up the two miles. We then went into the Fairmont Chateau on Lake Louise and got a Mimosa after the long hike. 

*Lake Louise and Moraine Lake are within Banff National Park.

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