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Charming Pagoda in Baltimore

When I decided to go to Baltimore for the Baltimore Comic Convention I wanted to see something unique in the city. It was my first visit to Baltimore.

I decided to visit the Observatory at Patterson Park. The interior was closed at the time, but the exterior was exquisite.

The Pagoda was built in 1891 and took 6 months to complete.  Its design accents reflect the Gilded Age interest in Asian architecture, and for that reason, it became known colloquially as the “pagoda."

It sits on Hampstead Hill, which was a key battlement during the Battle for Baltimore in 1814. On Hampstead Hill, where the Pagoda now stands, Baltimoreans rallied to protect the city from the threat of a British invasion.

This is now an iconic structure in Patterson Park for people to view and tourists to come and visit. Patterson Park is the oldest park in the city. I would suggest taking an Uber there and be dropped off. The charming Pagoda is located at the corner of E. Pratt Street and S. Patterson Park Avenue.

There are other things to do and check out in and near Patterson Park. Be sure to visit the unique and iconic Pagoda while you are in Baltimore.

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