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Crab Island in Destin, Florida

The Gulf Coast has some of the most beautiful beaches and white sand. Destin, Florida has a gem that is a must visit when traveling to the Emerald Coast. Crab Island is an emerald green sand bar that is waist deep. It is a party on the sand bar.

There are several ways to get to Crab Island:

•Jet ski

•Speed boat

•Pontoon boat

•Paddle board


•Boat Tour

•Floating Tiki Hut

The two ways I have arrived to the sand bar are by boat tours.

1. Crab Island Cruises with Captain Walt: This tour is for a larger group of around 10. This is a higher priced tour that can be split between a group of people. Captain Walt is amazing! He takes you out to Crab Island and lets you explore the sand bar for about three hours. You can get on and off the boat as you please. You can also lay out on his float attached to the boat. You have freedom to walk around the sand bar as you please.

2. Crab Island Shuttle: This is the option to book if you have a small group. My friend and I and did this for $57.50 a person. It was the best time and deal. We had 3 hours for this tour. There was around 18 people on our tour with us. The guides were very helpful. They provided us a float to relax in the water. They would retrieve anything from the boat that we needed.

As you walk around Crab Island you will be able to walk up to a floating vendor to get chicken or hamburgers. You can also walk to other people’s boats to enjoy their company. Another option is to get ice cream from a vendor that moves around as you are walking in the waist deep water.

Tips for Crab Island:

  1. bring cash and credit card

  2. bring your own beer

  3. they do not sell alcohol on Crab Island

  4. go join other people’s boat parties

  5. wear sunscreen and sunglasses

  6. leave your phone on the boat

  7. bring a Go Pro

  8. ask someone for a ride on a jet ski

  9. enjoy the scenery and the sunshine

This is a must do when visiting Destin, Florida!

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