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Disney’s EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival 2023

EPCOT International Food and Wine festival takes place at Disney's EPCOT in Orlando, Florida each year.

In 2023 it goes from July 27-November 18, 2023.

I have been to this multiple times, but this was the first time I actually made it around the world and tasted in each of The World Showcase countries and then some of the extra countries added for the Food & Wine Festival. My friends and I called it the EPCOT World Tour.

We explored exquisite culinary tastes, delectable sweets, and unique drinks from around the world made by amazing chefs.

Be sure to get the booklet to see what each country has to offer along the journey. You can find the booklets at the food stands. We would look in the book to decide what we wanted at each country we approached. Some countries we decided to skip, but we were sure to hit the core countries that are permanently there in the World Showcase (Canada, United Kingdom, France, Morocco, Japan, Italy, Germany, China, Norway, Mexico, & USA). We skipped the USA and chose the festival foods instead. 😜 The World Showcase places have the same food and drinks as usual, but there will be booths/stations set up with the select food and drinks for the International Food & Wine Festival.

Here is my culinary journey around Disney's EPCOT in 2023:


I got a drink called The Lily at La Cava Del Tequila. This drink was a drink that had a presentation involved. It was a World Showcase drink in the restaurant.


I ate the Pan-fried Chicken Dumplings with House-made Sweet & Spicy Sauce. I decided to get the sauce on the side in case I didn't like it. This was a World Showcase food and it was in the festival booklet also. I don't care for dumplings and these were amazing.


I stopped by The Alps and this is near Germany. I got the Dark Chocolate Fondue with Berries, Pound Cake, and Meringues. This was a yummy treat. This was in the Festival Passport booklet. It showed a picture of it, and that's what caught my eye to get it. This was exclusive to the Food & Wine Festival.


I tried the Pretzel Bread Pudding. This was in Germany at the World Showcase. The presentation of this desert was mouth-watering.


We stopped by Spain between Germany and Italy. I chose the Viña Borgia Rosé Sangria from the Food & Wine Festival Passport book. I decided to break up getting some food and grab a beverage.


Next stop was Italy that is part of the World Showcase. The food I got was Focaccia Ripiena: freshly baked focaccia, beef meatballs, tomato sauce, and Burrata Cheese. This was an option in the Festival Passport book. This was filling after a few of the other snacks and drinks.


In Japan I got an item off the World Showcase menu, which was the Japanese Shaved Ice. It was a refreshing treat on a hot day at EPCOT. It also isn't too sweet, but just right.


Next stop was Morocco. Here we went to one of the restaurant bars and got a Moroccan Green Tea Shot.

We asked the bartender to make us one, it wasn't on the menu.


Belgium is located between Morocco and France. I chose the Beer-braised Beef served with Gouda Mashed Potatoes. This was an item in the Festival Booklet.


This is not in the Festival booklet, but you have to go to Norway and get a treat and then check out the Viking Vibes in the country area. Norway is part of the World Showcase. I got this sweet from the Kringla « Bakeri og Kafé.


In France I tried a beverage from the Food & Wine booklet. It was the Strawberry Rose Mimosa: Pol Remy sparkling wine, orange juice, and Monin Strawberry Rose. This was my favorite drink I got.


This was not featured in the Food & Wine Festival booklet either, but it is a World Showcase country. You have to go and get a drink at the pub. I tried the Pimm's Cup.


When you visit Canada on the last stop be sure to try the Maple Popcorn. It is a World Showcase country also. I couldn't get enough of this snack. And of course it comes in a festive Disney bucket.

While you are doing the EPCOT world tour be sure to ride some of the rides and attractions between eating and drinking.

  • Soarin'

  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

  • Remy's Ratatouille Adventure

  • Journey into Imagination with Figment

  • Ride the Disney Skyliner

  • Living with the Land Boat Ride

  • Frozen Ever After

  • Meet characters

  • Explore the stores in each country

  • Awesome Planet

  • Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along

  • Canada Far and Wide

  • The Three Cabelleros

After we left, we had completed the EPCOT world tour and the International Food & Wine Festival. All along with riding the rides, meeting the characters, taking pictures with the photographers, shopping in the stores, and eating and drinking the exquisite tastes of each country. We paced ourself all day and got to take in Disney's EPCOT in its entirety.

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