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Rock City in Georgia

We saw Rock City!

Rock City is located on Lookout Mountain in Georgia. It has massive ancient rock formations, gardens, and you can see 7 states atop the Lovers Leap.

You stroll along an Enchanted Trail where it is magical and you are meandering through the rock formations.

You can take your time and stop and get as many photos as you’d like. There is a plethora of photo spots along the journey. The whole walk is an experience. There was a fun swing along bridge that moved when you walked on it.

Once we made it to the top of the lookout we decided to get some food at the Rock City’s Cafe 7 and we had lunch with a panorama view of 7 states. The pimento and cheese and boiled peanuts were amazing.

My favorite part of the journey through the rock formations was the Fairyland Caverns. It was a whole underground world of fairy tales in black lights and they were hidden inside the caves of Rock City.

When we finished walking we did a wine tasting at Georgia winery inside the area. They give you 5 free samples. We then ventured to the cutest rock Starbucks.

You need to purchase the tickets in advance online. The tickets were $30 per person. There is so much to do for everyone of any age. We even saw people with their pets. There are multiple places to eat, panoramic views, drinks, live music, and souvenirs.

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