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Airboat Adventure Near New Orleans, Louisiana

Have you ever seen an alligator basking in their natural habitat? You will see a handful of Louisiana alligators chilling in the swamp while on this tour. It is surreal. They are very leery and alert reptiles and love eating marshmallows. Experience Louisiana’s bayou country on this exhilarating airboat ride. 30 minutes outside of New Orleans is Lafitte, Louisiana. This is a perfect day adventure to get out of the city and experience the swampland near the Jean Lafitte National Historic Park and spot alligators, snakes, eagles, and turtles.

We booked this adventure on Viator and it was New Orleans Airboat Ride. We chose the large airboat for $60 and it held 25 people. It was very spacious and comfortable. We glided across the water, but felt up close and personal to the alligators also.

When you arrive you can park and check in. You can also choose hotel pick up and they will bring you to this location. Once at the check in you can purchase sunscreen, souvenirs, t-shirts, and see an albino alligator.

You will not get wet on this ride, but be sure to dress comfy because you will get wind blown on the ride. The airboats are very loud so they give you ear muffs to put over your ears during the ride.

When you begin the bayou journey the local guide will give you helpful information. You begin cruising and searching for gators along the way. You will spot eagle’s nests and cypress trees with moss on them. They speed up through the larger parts of the waterway, but cruise near the lush shoreline.

Our guide took us inside the bayou and we stopped the airboat to get a chance to have one on one encounters with the alligators. As soon as he put the Cajun anchor down the gators starting swimming up to the boat. The guide fed them marshmallows and let us feed some to them also.

We spotted multiple gators. Some were small and quick, while others were large and leery. The swamp water is brackish because it is a mix of salt water and fresh water.

Be sure to tip your guides after the adventure is over.

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