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Dollywood Theme Park in Tennessee

Good Golly Dolly!

Dollywood is the theme park of the Backwoods Barbie Miss Dolly Parton. Dolly is a southern icon and what better way to get a full Dolly experience than with a theme park close to where she grew up (Sevierville, TN).

Dollywood is located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

We paid $95 for a one day park pass to Dollywood in April.

Dollywood has something to do for everyone of every age. There is roller coasters, shopping, food, and shows.

Roller Coasters

These were the roller coasters we rode while we were there.

Lightning Rod

This is the roller coaster that is one of the first ones when you walk in the park. It is a fast coaster and starts out launching you at 45 mph. You go up the hill 20 stories and begin the exhilarating journey and you reach speeds of 73 mph. USA Today has named this ride one of the top 10 best roller coasters in the country.

Blazing Fury

This chill coaster is indoors and is not as thrilling as the others. It cruises some and then accelerates also.

Tennessee Tornado

This coaster has 3 spiral loops and goes up to 70 mph. It makes you feel as if you are in a real tornado in Tennessee.

Firechaser Express

This ride blasts you forward and backwards. It is like you’re trying to put out a fire and celebrates firefighters in the Smoky Mountains.

Wild Eagle

This is actually the first wing coaster in the USA. This was my favorite ride there. The passengers are seated on either side of the track. There is only air and freedom below each rider. You feel as if you are truly an eagle soaring through the mountains. It is a unique and thrilling experience. You’ll want to ride it multiple times. This is the closest I felt to flying like a bird.

Mystery Mine

Mystery Mine was truly a mystery. It was part inside and outside. You never knew what was going to happen next. It would be dark like you’re in a mine and then you’d be outside. This ride has a 95 degree vertical drop also.


This was a fast wooden roller coaster. This has a 100 foot drop and reaches speeds of 55 mph. This coaster winds through the mountains.


There is so much food to eat in the park. They have food trucks, bakeries, and restaurants.

We ate at The Front Porch Cafe. It was a pass the plate family dining. This serves some of the best southern food if you want some south in your mouth. It had sweet cornbread that was to die for. It was all you can eat for the family with 2 entrees and 3 sides.

A must when visiting Dollywood is trying the famous cinnamon bread. They make it fresh and it melts in your mouth.


You can stay anywhere in Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg. This is one attraction of many in the Smoky Mountain area.

When you go you have to represent Miss Dolly Parton.

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