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Georgia Apple Festival-Ellijay

The south loves any chance to have a festival. The Georgia Apple Festival is held in Ellijay, Georgia during 2 weekends in October. This is an arts and crafts fair with unique hand-made items and delicious fair foods. It is held at the Ellijay Lions Club Fairgrounds. You can buy your tickets at the door when you get there. Be sure to bring lots of cash with you to shop. There is food and fun for everyone in the whole family. We got there early around 9:45 to begin our time there.

My favorite part of this festival was the APPLES. Ellijay has many different apple orchards in the area and these orchards come out and showcase their fresh apples in different ways. They are all fresh, and even some hand-made in front of you on site when you order.

There was so much scrumptious food and drinks there, but I chose to focus on the apple related food. Here are some of the choices I chose:

Fresh Apple Dumplings with Ice-Cream

They had people peeling each apple, coring them, and them handing them off to be wrapped to make dumplings. It was fresh made in front of you. Mine ended up being fresh out of the oven when I got there. It was the perfect apple snack to start the festival off with.

Cold Apple Cider

The Aaron's Family Orchard had a tent set up with apples galore. Here you could choose to bag apples of your choice if you wanted to. I chose to get the cold apple cider. They even gave you a souvenir cup with it. The cider was the perfect hit of fall and apple vibes.

I walked around and looked at all the unique crafts. These are all items that you may not have ever seen before. I love enjoying and admiring people's special talents and abilities. Also I love seeing things repurposed. There are many items here that vendors repurpose into something else unique.

After the festival we went downtown Ellijay in the roundabout city center. There were shops, more apples, antique stores, and restaurants. We ate at Cantaberry downtown and we got a view of the whole downtown area.

I decided to get melted caramel with a fresh apple cut up at The Red Apple Barn. They make it fresh right in front of you. The whole downtown was decorated for fall and for the Apple Festival. There were tents and vendors lined up for you to shop some more hand crafted items, more apple treats, and other delicious foods.

If you are looking for a fall festival vibe in a quaint southern mountain town, Georgia Apple Festival in Ellijay is a must. That was my first time and I enjoyed the autumn scene with the addition of APPLES. 🍎🍏

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