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Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson was a HOLE lot of fun!

-The square state

-The WYld west

-Western Winter Wonderland

Wyoming is one breathtaking state with a little bit of cowboy vibes. Yee to the haw!

Before I came I was so confused by the difference in Jackson and Jackson Hole. This will clarify:

Jackson Hole refers to an entire valley, including the town of Jackson, Teton Village, Wilson, the Aspens, Moran Junction, Moose, and surrounding areas. Jackson is the name of the main town located at the southern end of Jackson Hole.

Our family trip was in Thanksgiving and so it was in the off season. We didn’t have to wait in line for any restaurant and it was the perfect time with a little snow to be able to drive, but not too much.

A fun fact is that the Jackson Hole airport is the only airport in the country that is situated in a natural park. Also this airport is the cutest airport I’ve been to. It has a western vibe and a perfect view of the Tetons.


Hampton Inn Jackson Hole. This hotel had free daily parking so you can park your rental car there. It also was situated about a mile from Jackson Hole Town Square. This is where all the food and shops will be.


We rented a car for the duration of our time in Jackson Hole. I would recommend this because you will want to explore Jackson Hole and the Grand Teton National Park.

Jackson Hole Town Square

This is a quaint town square with a lot of restaurants and shops. In the middle of the square there is 4 arches made from Elk antlers. They are a great photo op. This whole square is a western paradise. You can walk around and enjoy the town. The whole town of Jackson has a rustic cowboy vibe with western architecture on every corner. Things not to miss:

-Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

-Elk antler arches (they were lit up at night also)


  1. Silver Dollar Bar and Grill: this quaint restaurant is located in the Wort Hotel. We had to make reservations for Thanksgiving lunch here.

  2. The Bunnery: this restaurant is a great breakfast place and is super cute.

  3. Hand Fire Pizza: this is located in an old movie theatre and it has a huge Teton neon sign inside. The pizza is hand tossed and you can see them make it.

  4. Cafe Genevieve: this is a great spot for breakfast that is inspired by home cooking.

  5. Persephone Bakery: this bakery has the creamiest hot chocolate. I had to go twice just because it was that good.

  6. The Merry Piglets: this is the best Mexican food I have ever had. It was made fresh.

  7. The Virginian: the breakfast here is yummy and you get large portions for a small price.


  1. Grand Teton National Park: this is one of the top sights to see in Jackson Hole. The Tetons are seen majestically all throughout the trip and can be accessed at many different points.

  • Teton Point Turnout is a picturesque spot.

  • We also tried to go toward Jenny Lake and it was closed but the sights along the way are worth the drive.

  1. National Elk Refuge

  2. Mormon Row

  3. Teton Village

  4. Teton Pass: this road has amazing scenery atop the mountains. You can see the Tetons clearly. This road also takes you to Victor and Driggs, Idaho. We did a 40 minute trip to Teton Valley, Idaho from the Teton pass. I recommend this.

  5. Cunningham Cabin

  6. Moran Junction

  • You can type any of these places in the GPS and it will take you right to these places. Keep your eyes out for Elk, Moose, and Buffalo. We were lucky to get to see two Moose up close and personal.

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