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Marble Mine Trail in Georgia

Let the “outdoorphins” kick in at James H Sloppy Floyd State Park in Georgia. This is located in Summerville, Georgia.

There are many hikes to do here, but the one we did was the Marble Mine Trail. This hike is 1.7 miles roundtrip. It is mostly uphill gravel on the way up. Downhill is a breeze. You are allowed to bring your pets on this hike also.

You will go to the drop boxes or office and get a $5 parking pass before you begin the hike.

You need to park at the parking area at the park’s picnic shelters, located across the lake from the James H Sloppy Floyd State Park office.

There is a restroom over here to use before you hike. Be sure to follow the ORANGE trail blazes that will be posted on the trees during the outdoor adventure.

This hike is for families, beginners, kids, and pets. It is easy to navigate with the signs and orange trail blazes.

The hike journeys through the leafy forest. The path is carved out but also rocky. Once you reach the Marble Mine at the top it is a sight to behold.

This is an abandoned entrance to an old mine. There is a cool-blue pool of water under a massive carved out cave. The waterfall drips from the top of the cave into the serene blue water below.

You can walk and sit behind the waterfall and enjoy the view.

This is the end of the trail and you will then need to turn around and follow the orange trail blazes back the same way you came.

This is fun for the whole family on a day trip to a

Georgia State Park.

Other things you can do there would be sit and enjoy nature, fish, hike other trails, or have a picnic.

We did this hike in March and it was the perfect time to do it.

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