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Mardi Gras: New Orleans, Louisiana

Geaux to NOLA! This southern town comes to life during Mardi Gras season. 

This is what a weekend in Mardi Gras looks like down in the bayou

Start the day off by visiting the French Quarter and Jackson Square. Cafe du Monde is downtown and has beignets that are to die for. There are may different shops that sell the but this place is iconic. Best ones in my opinion in NOLA. 

Download the Mardi Gras app so you can track the parade schedule. This is a bucket list item and I made sure to see the parade. During each parade the Krewe will throw beads that are themed with their float. Each float is decorated and they are dressed up to the theme. Be sure to buy a mask to wear in all the fun. You can find a cheap one at a shop or splurge on a more expensive one there. It’s also a great souvenir. I keep mine and my beads in my room still to this day. Trust me you will have enough beads to weigh down your neck so DON’T BUY THEM AT THE SHOPS. 


Geaux to Bourbon street!  It is just an eye opening experience to just walk down the street during this time of year. Bars everywhere you turn. It is like no other atmosphere you’ve ever experienced before. Try a Huge Ass Beer. It is an iconic company on Bourbon Street. You can zip in and out of drink/bar places along the street. Also if you are not interested in walking down or experiencing Bourbon Street there are parades at night and the floats are lit up. Yes! There are families here. The children were loving the parades and they threw stuffed animals to them. I have been twice to Mardi Gras. Once with my family and once with friends.

Mardi Gras in Cajun Country has to be experienced. Be sure to also listen to some street jazz and take in this Cajun culture/food. 


One food place I recommend is a hole in the wall. But let me tell you now it was so good. Hobnobbers is the name of the restaurant. It was family owned and let me tell you it was New Orleans cuisine. Home cooked, southern soul food at its finest. 


We stayed at the Royal St Charles Hotel and it was a good location to Uber from and a very clean hotel to stay in. 

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