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San Francisco, California

This is an idea of must see things to do while in the Golden City. 

This was my itinerary when I visited San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge: this is the iconic staple of San Fran! I have seen the bridge from Baker Beach and then at a lookout point in San Francisco. 

Baker Beach

We climbed a trail up the stairs from Baker Beach

Painted Ladies

Be sure to visit these fabulous stacked houses. They are from the famous Full House television show in the beginning credits. It gives a view of the sky line and has a little park you can chill in while you visit. 

Full House House

Whatever happened to predictability? This was my childhood show. My sister and I walked 2 miles to get to this house around the city from the Painted Ladies. It was a nice walk, but icy you know San Francisco, it was hilly. HAHA! You can Uber and it may be easier. This is the iconic house from the Full House season. It is/was one of my favorite shows so I had to see this gem while in the city. 

Fisherman’s Wharf 

This is a neat district for many reasons. First it has In and Out. Omg! THE. BEST. BURGER. JOINT. ON. THE. WEST. COAST. Then you can walk to some shops and to the pier there. From the pier you can see Alcatraz and snap a couple of pictures from this point of view. 

Museum of Ice Cream

What can I say? I’m a kid at heart. Sprinkle pools and ice cream of all kinds in every room! Be sure to get your tickets before you go. Each room has a different fun theme and serve different ice cream or a sweet treat. By the time I had left I was full! It’s a fun spot for the kids too because of the pool full of sprinkles and all the ice cream. 


This eating place was my favorite. It is a build your own Mac and cheese restaurant. It is comfort food at its finest. 

Transportation and accommodations

My sister and I used Uber around the city. I would recommend that to each location you visit. We stayed right by the airport outside of San Francisco and took an Uber in each day to the city because the hotel was cheaper by the airport. 

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