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Seven Magic Mountains: Las Vegas

Colorful rocks or giant Fruity Pebbles? This work of vibrant art is Seven Magic Mountains outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Las Vegas baby!!! Gambling and clubs are not all there is to do over in Sin City. This little hidden gem is located about 20 minutes outside of the Las Vegas Strip in the Nevada Desert. I had researched this vibrant art piece before I went. I just found the picture on Google and researched until I figured out the name (Seven Magic Mountains). The 20 minutes was not a bad drive/Uber at all. It turns out it was worth the Uber ride. We had the best driver who had always wanted to visit the Seven Magic Mountains too. He drove us there and waited while we explored and took pictures. He then dropped us off back at our hotel on the strip. It is interesting too that this was just an installation of art to add to the Nevada Desert. I bet they would never guess this would be an Instagram sensation!

If you are still debating if it is colorful rocks or giant Fruity answer is Fruity Pebbles!!

You can see the Uber driver chilling in the background

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