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Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood

Super Nintendo World!


Super Nintendo World is located inside Universal Studios Theme Park in Hollywood in California.

If you are a fan of Mario or Nintendo, this is the place to live out your childhood dream. It is just like the video games all the way down to the music in the area.

When you approach the world there will be a large colorful sign that says Super Nintendo World. You will walk through the green tube to enter the portal. You begin the journey by coming through Peach’s Castle. The pictures change just as they do in the video game. Her castle is stunning! Once you enter the world your senses will be overwhelmed. It opens up into a magical Mario world like you’ve never seen before. It comes to life!

Power Up Bands

You can purchase the power up bands at a Super Nintendo store in the Universal park. We got ours as soon as we got into the park so that we could register them and get a username.

You can use the band all throughout the Super Nintendo World. There are 4 games you can play where you earn a key. Once you get 3 keys, you are able to enter a special game that is interactive with your body. You can jump and hit things and your body is the reflection. Once you use those three keys for that they are gone. You will have to play the games again to earn more keys. You will have to wait in line to earn these keys.

All throughout the land you can hit your band on the gold question marks or the bricks. They make the noise as they do in the video game. You will earn coins doing this. How many coins you receive will show up in your Universal Studios Hollywood app. This is where you will see your keys, coins, and stamps. The way you earn stamps is by achieving tasks in Super Nintendo World. You can click on each one and it will tell you what you need to do.

MarioKart Bowser’s Challenge

The MarioKart Bowser’s Challenge is the only ride in this land. They give you a Mario Headset and on the ride you get goggles. You are seated in a Kart and you get to interact like you are driving on the MarioKart track. You can collect coins, earn stamps, and try to throw turtle shells at the enemy. Be sure to scan your power up band on the steering wheel before the ride begins. You can see how you did in your app and on the score board at the end of the ride.


You can also stand in line to meet the Super Nintendo characters. There are times throughout the day. It is first come first serve in the line for the pictures. There is Toad, Princess Peach, and Mario & Luigi are together. It is so awesome because Princess Peach actually spoke when I met her.

Toadstool Cafe

This cafe is located inside Super Nintendo World. It is the only restaurant inside the land. This is a MUST when visiting. As soon as you get inside the land you need to scan a QR code in order to make reservations. You need to do that first because the time slots fill up fast. You want to be sure to get in. The menu is crafted to match the theme of the land. What I ordered was the Toadstool cheesy garlic knots, Mario Mini Burger Adventure set, and the Princess Peach cupcake.

There is also more themed drinks and popcorn at a stand outside Super Nintendo World called Drinks, Popcorn, Snacks.

Also near the entrance of Universal there is a Power Up Cafe with more drinks and snacks related to Super Mario.

Early Entry

We decided to pay $25 extra dollars a person to get early entry into Super Nintendo World. We did this when we bought our tickets. It is worth it because you get to go into the world an hour before the park opens and enjoy the land with a smaller crowd. We were able to get pictures, ride the ride, register for the Toadstool Cafe, buy souvenirs, and meet Princess Peach all before the park opened.


We stayed at the Sheraton Universal. This was walking distance to Universal Studios. They also had a shuttle that left every 15 minutes that will drop you off at Universal City Walk. The walk wasn’t bad though either. We rode the shuttle and we walked.

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