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Valley of Fire

The Valley of Fire was fire!

This state park in Nevada is one hour outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. We booked this tour from Viator with Love Hikes. It was called Valley of Fire Hiking Tour from Las Vegas. It was around $109 a person and that Included transportation, snacks and drinks, and a tour guide on the 3 mile hike. The park entrance fee was included in the tour also. The company picked us up at our hotel on the strip and took us out to the Nevada State Park. It was an hour ride to Overton, Nevada where the Valley of Fire State Park is located.

Valley of Fire is Nevada’s oldest and largest state park. There won’t be cell service out there or food except at the gift shop at the entrance. Be sure to come prepared. When we hiked the wind was blowing hard, so we had something to cover our ears and sunglasses.

The hike was 3 miles and it was the moderate level. The terrain was sandy, rocky, and rugged so be sure to wear hiking shoes or tennis shoes that grip well. The best photos are taken when the sun hits the rock formations because it brings out the distinctive colors of the sandstone formations. The massive sandstone formations in the Mohave Desert have a swirl of colors in each formation on the hike. Take in all the unique colors and designs while on the hike.

My favorite photo spot during the journey was the Fire Wave. You have to get just the right angle to capture this mesmerizing photo. It reminds me of an actual wave mixed with a swirling ice cream cone. This was towards the end of our hike. There were signs along the adventure that points you to the direction of the Fire Wave rock formation.

This is an otherworldly experience that is a day trip I would recommend taking from Las Vegas for all the adventure seekers. Be sure to go with someone that knows where they are going so you don’t get lost on the hike. It could be very easy to do.

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