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Ark Encounter in Kentucky

Noah’s Ark replica is located in Kentucky. Ark Encounter is a full sized Noah’s Ark, built according to the dimensions in the Bible.

As you board the massive Ark, you will experience a FLOOD of emotions. You view life in Biblical times in this detailed Ark Museum.

There is 3 decks of Biblical magic. I was literally in heaven there. Any question I’ve ever had or wondered, it answered it for me after this encounter. The details are immaculate. They are exactly how the Ark was described in The Bible. Be sure to read every sign and take in the details of the journey.

There is a gift shop, food places, and a zoo on the premises. The zoo was called Ararat Zoo. They let you walk through and see the animals. They even let you get up close and personal with kangaroos too. If you are interested you can ride a camel over in this area also. We didn’t ride the camel, but it looked fun. There are also other activities within the complex you can experience also.

We ate at the buffet restaurant called Emzara’s Kitchen. You get a view of the Ark as you eat a delicious buffet. It is $16 a person.

You can buy the tickets for the Ark Encounter online ahead of your trip or when you get there. You need a few hours to truly explore and take in the experience. I recommend reading everything as you pass by it. It will answer any and every question you have Biblically about Noah, The Ark, the animals, and the flood.

The address you need to type into the GPS to get to The Ark Encounter is 220 Kentucky Highway 36 West in Williamstown, Kentucky.

You will put this into the GPS and it’ll take you to the parking lot. It is $15 to pay to park. Once you get parked you will walk to an awning where you will board a bus that drives you to the Ark Encounter.

This is out in the middle of nowhere in Williamstown, Kentucky. It is over an hour from Cincinnati and 30 minutes from Lexington. We stayed at America’s Best Value Inn and Suites. It was right beside the Ark Encounter.

We visited the Ark on a weekday and it wasn’t as crowded. I recommend a weekday versus the weekend to visit there.

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