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Food Guide to Las Vegas, Nevada

There are many delicious and mouth watering places to eat in Las Vegas. Here are a few I recommend that are all located on the Las Vegas Strip and within walking distance.

Hello Kitty Cafe

This cute pop up cafe is located on the right side of New York New York Hotel and Casino. This pink Hello Kitty Cafe is themed from the infamous Hello Kitty herself. They have many treats and drinks themed Hello Kitty. You can buy shirts, hats, and other souvenirs here also. I got a chocolate milk and a hello kitty face cookie. I had to stop here to live out my childhood dream.

PBR Rock Bar and Grill

This is located inside the Miracle Mile Mall and Planet Hollywood. I got the chicken and waffles at this grill. This is a sports bar and grill with a large variety of food.

Eiffel Tower Restaurant

This restaurant is located inside the Paris Hotel. You eat inside the Eiffel Tower. I reserved this restaurant on Open Table. We got the window seat at this elegant restaurant. We got an amazing view of the Bellagio Fountains every 30 minutes while we were eating. I ate the chicken there and it was delicious. This restaurant was more pricey and upscale dining in Las Vegas. This is a white table cloth and an a la carte meal restaurant. If you’ve got time for an hour dinner that’s relaxing, then this is the perfect place. Be sure to get your wallets ready!


This quaint restaurant is located inside the Bellagio Hotel. It is right inside the iconic Bellagio Gardens. You get to walk through the room filled with flowers made out of creatures in order to get to the restaurant. You can also see the garden while you’re eating. This restaurant is light pink and blue themed. We ate breakfast here and we walked up and didn’t make reservations.

Gordon Ramsay Burgers

This restaurant is located inside Planet Hollywood. The entrance is lined with fire and has an appealing appearance. We ate this for dinner and got burgers, parmesan fries, and hummus dip. All of it was delicious. This place is known for their burgers.


This is located by the Paris Hotel. We ate here for brunch and made reservations ahead of time. There was a variety of brunch options at Hexx. You can choose to eat outside on the Las Vegas strip or inside. They give you a cute s’mores looking cup when you get coffee. I ate the chicken and waffles here and I highly recommend that.


Blondies is a bar and grill located inside the Miracle Mall shops in the back. This is a sports bar and grill with a large offering of different foods.

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