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Goat Yoga in Nashville

Goats + Yoga = G.O.A.T. What better way to spend a Saturday morning in Nashville, Tennessee than with lots of tiny goats climbing all over you.

We reserved a spot online with Goat Yoga Nashville a few days ahead of the class. We did a 9 A.M. class. They will send you a waiver by email to sign before the class. The class lasts roughly 35 minutes. This includes yoga with the goats and then picture opportunities with the goats also. There was such a variety of people in the class and everyone had an amazing time and had a smile on their face. I will definitely do this experience again when visiting Nashville.

The class begins with simple yoga poses and they bring the goats in the gate. There is an instructor that will lead the class. When you bend over the goats know to jump on your back and they get food/treats. You can pet the goats when they come around in front of you also. You are also allowed to take pictures at any time throughout the class.


• Wear a tight shirt that covers your whole back because their hooves will scratch your back. • They provide the mats for you, but you can also bring your own. • The goats will poop while they are in there and could on your mat or even you. So be prepared for that. • It is shaded because it is under a tent.

• There is hay everywhere and it will get on you. • Anyone of any age or gender can come. You can do any poses for your level. • This class is fun and an experience

• Be sure to take pictures with the goats after it.

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