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Hersheypark in Pennsylvania

Hersheypark and Chocolate Town, USA

If you are a lover of chocolate, roller coasters, thrill seeking, adrenaline rushes, and endless fun, this is your place to go.

Hersheypark has so much to offer from adults, teenagers, senior citizens, and children. As we walked around the park we observed someone there in every age range and they were having a blast.

There are two sides to Hersheypark: the roller coasters/rides and then the water park. We didn’t visit the water park this trip. My blog focuses on the ride aspect of the park.

You will encounter many different types of rides that range from many different ages. There are plenty of rides for children there. We saw multiple, but my main focus was the adrenaline rush, palm sweating, lighting speed coasters. Here is a list of roller coasters we rode at Hersheypark and a small breakdown of what to expect on each ride (for those of you who may be nervous and want to know what you will encounter on the rides). I have ranked the rides in order of my favorites. 1 being the most epic and intense. Some there were ties, but here is a breakdown of the coasters.

1. Fahrenheit

This was my favorite roller coaster at the park because of how smooth the ride was. This ride is the orange roller coaster at the park. The train climbs a vertical hill of 121 feet. This roller coaster then does a 97-degree drop down a hill. This ride has some loops, corkscrews, and hills.

2. Candymonium

This coaster is very smooth. It is the tallest, fastest, and longest ride in Hersheypark. It is themed around candy so of course it’s the sweetest ride in the park. You ascent up 210-feet and it’s the tallest hill in Hersheypark. This ride has thrilling drops including 7 hills. Candymonium reaches maximum speeds of 76 MPH. This roller coaster is at the entrance of the park and is the brown rollercoaster.

3. Skyrush

Now this ride is intense and aggressive. It is not for the weak hearted. I loved this coaster but the seat harness pressed a little hard into the legs which made it very uncomfortable during and after the ride. This ride climbs 200 feet and then rushes fast downhill at 75 MPH. The G force is a 5 on this ride and can be felt. This ride has high speed turns and airtime hills. Skyrush is the large yellow roller coaster in the park.

4. Great Bear

Great Bear is a very fun and unique ride at the park. You are seated in a seat with your legs dangling and you are extended on the ride from the top of the ride. This coaster leaves your feet dangling as it lifts 90 feet off the ground. This ride is thrilling, yet smooth. It includes drops, loops, corkscrews, and a zero-g roll. The loops are fun on this ride because your legs go upside down while you’re dangling.

5. Storm Runner

This is the red roller coaster at the park.

It launches you from 0-72 mph in 2 seconds. That’s the best part of the ride. You are pinned back to the seat with excitement and anticipation. This ride has a 135-foot cobra loop, barrel rolls, and a flying snake dive.

6. Sidewinder

This is a charcoal black rollercoaster. This coaster journey is like riding the ride twice. One way forward and the other way backwards. It is a sort of boomerang style roller coaster. Sidewinder has 3 loops each way, so you’ll be turned upside down 6 times.

7. Laff Trakk

This ride is fun because it is inside in the dark with black lights. It is the first indoor, spinning, glow coaster in the United States. Two riders are positioned forward while the other two are backwards. The ride has some hills and then it will spin and sometimes ride sideways.

8. SooperdooperLooper

This ride has a vertical loop, some bunny hills and dips. This is a good family friendly roller coaster.

9. Triple Tower

You choose your thrill. You have the tiny drop, medium, and high. We chose the high Hershey drop. This ride shoots you straight up and drops you. Then takes you up, waits a bit, and then drops you again. You go back up and down halfway a few more times.

10. Comet

This is a wooden roller coaster and is the oldest roller coaster at Hersheypark. It jolts you a bit and isn’t very smooth.

11. Wildcat

This is also a wooden roller coaster that takes you for a thrill ride with hills and turns. This is not a smooth ride either.

12. Lightning Racer

This is a wooden racing dualing roller coaster. One side is thunder and the other is lightning. Both carts start at the same time and race to the finish line with hills, turns, and fun.

13. Trailblazer

This is an easy roller coaster that is fun for the whole family. It is relaxing and a good break from all the big coasters.

14. Wild Mouse

This ride is a family friendly leveled coaster. This ride has edgy turns and exciting drops.

Fast Pass Unlimited

We chose to do the fast pass unlimited and it was the best choice we made. We got to ride every single coaster we wanted and then re-ride them. We never had to wait longer than 15 minutes for a ride. Some rides we just walked right up and they let us on. You have to purchase the tickets separate and they are $52.95 a person right now. We then added the fast pass unlimited to the cart. This allows you to fast pass every ride as many times as you want throughout the day. We went on a Sunday and it was $100 extra dollars a person to add the fast pass unlimited.

The Chocolatier

This is the new restaurant that just opened at Hersheypark. It was delicious. We didn’t make a reservation for here. We left the park for lunch and got a stamp on our wrist to return. We went straight to the bar to eat with no wait. We ordered the Hershey’s Signature Chocolate Martini to start with. It was delectable. It was rich with Hershey’s chocolate and very smooth to drink. We then ordered our food: chicken and waffles and classic pepperoni flatbread. Both excellent and delicious choices. You can’t miss the desserts and you have to save room for these one of a kind desserts. We got the Chocolate Fun-due. It was a charcuterie board of chocolate delights, fruit, and cheese cake that you can dip in the chocolate fondue.

Parking Pass

You have to buy the parking pass online also for $20. Be sure to buy the park ticket, parking pass, and fast pass unlimited all together. You will get a QR code in your email with each one of these. You will show the parking pass when you pull up, scan the tickets at the gate, and then go to the HPGO kiosk to get your fast pass unlimited bands. Then you are ready to conquer Hersheypark.

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