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Kayaking Adventure Near Las Vegas

Have you ever felt like venturing to another planet? This is exactly what this kayak experience in the Mohave Desert is like. It is an extraterrestrial adventure.

We kayaked down the Colorado River with Evolution Expeditions. What is so cool about this adventure is that you can choose to do a single kayak or a tandem with someone in your group.


We booked this online directly with the company Evolution Expeditions. You can find them on Trip Advisor to book also. This was $180 a person and it included pickup from the strip, ride back to your hotel, snacks and drinks included, lunch included on the Colorado River, and a guided tour with 2 tour guides. Tips are not included so be sure to tip your guides well. They work hard throughout the 4 hour journey and give you historical facts and information along the adventure.


First, you will be picked up on the strip from your hotel. The guide arrives in an Evolution Expedition van. The drive to the kayak put in is 1 hour. You drive through Boulder City and end up in Willow Beach, Arizona. There is a place for food, restrooms, and souvenirs here at this location. Be sure to use the restroom here because this will be your last chance before the 4 mile kayak float. There will also be no cell service your entire trip while in the desert.

A cool fact is you are kayaking down the Colorado River. As you are kayaking, the Eldorado Canyon will be on your left and that will be Nevada. On the right side will be Black Canyon and that will be Arizona. You will also be In the Mohave Desert. You begin the journey at the kayak put in located in Willow Beach, Arizona.

The guides will help you get into your kayak at the beginning and tell you how to use the rudder and how you and your partner need to paddle. One guide will lead while the other brings up the rear of the group. Be mindful there are other kayakers from other outfitters on this journey. There is a dry place in the back of the kayak to put your belongings to keep them dry.

You kayak with a group of about 13 people. The float is 1 mile down the Colorado River against the current, but the wind is in your favor and helps guide you easily. We then took a small break on a little island spot and got a drink. Be sure to stay hydrated because that hot dry sun will suck the water out of you quickly without you even realizing it. On this stop we went on a short 6 minute hike to the top of the ledge. There was phenomenal views to be seen of the Colorado River at this point. You will feel you are on another plant. The water is 53 degrees year round. You can get in the water to swim or for a picture if you’d like at this stop.

Then we are off again paddling the next mile to the Emerald Cave. This cave is really cool. You have to wait in line in your kayaks because this is a very popular spot for people to see and go into with their kayaks. Here the water is emerald green. The way the sun hits the algae on the bottom it reflects green. You have to take turns backing into the cave. The guides will assist you in how to back the kayak inside. They will take your pictures coming out off the cave. This Emerald Cave was mesmerizing to see. This was featured in National Geographic in the 80’s.

Next we were paddling back the way we came. Be sure to soak in all the views and realize how small you are to these mega canyons that have been around for many years. We paddle a mile and then we stop for lunch. They provide lunch for us. It was a sandwich, drink, cookie, and chips. You can cool off in the water here if you’d like or just enjoy the panoramic scenery while you eat. Be sure to stay hydrated that is very important in this desert heat. This journey back was difficult because of the 30 mph wind gusts. It was definitely a workout paddling.

Then after lunch we had to paddle back the last mile to our starting point. Here your guide will put your kayak up for you. This is your chance to tip your guide for their amazing work. Then you have a chance to use the restroom and get more to drink.

After the excursion we then headed back to our hotels in the van. On the way back the guide took us to a park in Boulder City, Nevada to see Big Horned Sheep also known as Rams. It is Nevada’s state animal. The guides will drop you off at the hotel to complete your journey.

I hope you decide to go on this extraterrestrial desert adventure!


  1. Drink lots of water

  2. Bring a waterproof bag for your belonging and phone

  3. Wear sunglasses

  4. Wear water clothes because it gets chilly

  5. Bring sunscreen

  6. Bring cash to tip the guides

  7. Use the restroom any chance you get

  8. Bring gloves for the paddles because for 4 miles your thumbs get blisters

  9. Wear water shoes or Chacos

  10. This is a strenuous paddle so come prepared or get a tandem kayak

  11. Take lots of pictures of this unique landscape

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