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Quaint Indiana Towns

I had never thought to visit Indiana. The three cities I visited were:

Roanoke•Huntington•Fort Wayne

We flew into Fort Wayne International Airport. It was so small and easy to access. I enjoyed getting to see the fall foliage from the airplane. We visited in October. 🍂

The airport even gave you bags of cookies on your way in. 🍪 We rented a car so it would be easier to explore the different areas. The rental car area was so handy because it was right next to the baggage claim area.


When we got the car we first went to the city of Huntington. The drive was so peaceful and vibrant in the fall. Our goal was to go to the comic shop TCB Games. They had the downtown decorated for Halloween. 🎃 I walked downtown and admired the quaint shops. It was so safe to walk the streets there. As we were driving through the country area of Huntington, we came upon a sunflower field and pumpkins for sale. 🌻 It was a sight to behold with the fall leaves changing colors. 🍁


We then ventured on to Roanoke that was small and peaceful. Here we visited a winery called Two EE's Winery. It was elegant and delicious. We asked the waitress which wine to try and she brought us a sweet wine that tasted like Cran-Apple Juice. 🍷

Fort Wayne:

This was our home base and where our hotel was. We stayed at the Hyatt in Fort Wayne. We decided to dine at a lavish steakhouse called Baker Street. 🥩 We got some wine and decadent steaks. Luckily this was close to our hotel also.

Lakeside Park was nestled near a neighborhood. It was a park we decided to check out on our way to the airport.

Our trip was just a day in these cities. Short and sweet. We got to admire the simple beauty of these Indiana towns. It was not touristy at all. Everything was chill and slow paced. Just the way I like it.

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