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Riding ATVs in the Nevada Desert

Adrenaline? Check! Need for speed? Check! 105 degree weather? Check! This is by far one of my favorite excursions I’ve done in Las Vegas.

Let me warn you up front.... it was HOT, but I would do it again tomorrow. This was on my bucket list but I just couldn’t find the ATV rides for under $200. I kept searching until I found the perfect one. It was $109 for one hour of riding at Sunbuggy Las Vegas. They picked us up at our hotel on the Strip and took us out to the Nevada desert.

When we arrived a tour guide was waiting on us and our ATVs. Now what I loved most was that we had a group of 5 and the tour guide, so I knew I wouldn’t be lost. He gave us a brief safety session and some practice and then we were off. Our guide was in the lead and we rode over sand dunes, rugged terrain, and even got stuck. The best part was the views. I almost felt like I was not even in the United States. The course was super awesome and adrenaline filled with hills and turns.

Here are a few tips I learned from my mistakes and after doing the tour:

1. Wear closed toed shoes

2. It’s SUPER HOT with the helmet on

3. Drink lots of water

4. Bring a face mask so that you don’t inhale all the dirt (I bought one from them for $10)

5. They supply you with gloves and a helmet (I bought my own gloves for $5). The handle hurts your hands after a while so definitely wear them

6. Wear long pants because the engine will get hot on your leg 

7. Stay with the guide in a straight line and be sure to follow his exact path 

8. You can’t have your phone out at any time during the ride 

9. They provide lockers to keep your things in at the base

10. 30 minutes would have been plenty (and less money)

11. When he stops for a break drink a whole bottle of water

12. It is HOT HOT

13. HAVE FUN! 

It is something I’d recommend when you go to Las Vegas. You experience the desert like you’ve never seen while you’re on an adrenaline filled adventure. I’ve got a need for speed so this was right up my alley! 

Side note: my friend and I didn’t bring the shoes so we had to run across to Caesar’s Palace and buy $10 shoes at H&M. Thank goodness for the 10000 malls on the VEGAS strip. 

Fun fact: this excursion was the same day as the 7 point earthquake that hit that night of July 5th. Let’s just say swaying/quaking for 3 minutes on the 11th floor of Harrahs was not in the itinerary for the day. 

Link to the tour

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