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South Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe is a sight to see. You only need a few days there to take in the scenery and stare at the glistening Lake Tahoe. It is such an amazing sight with the mountains, crystal clear water, beach, and a little snow on the beach area. I only went for two days and that was plenty to experience the beauty of this city. I also went in January and there was no snow on the ground this time.

South Lake Tahoe was a very chill vibe. If you’re looking for something low key and a nice weekend getaway, this is the place to go. I went during the pandemic so we had to eat outside at most of the restaurants.


We were planning to snow shoe and booked the excursion. When we arrived in South Lake Tahoe there was no snow on the ground in the Upper Truckee Marsh. We still decided to go on the tour with the guide even though there was no snow. We toured the marsh area on foot and we hiked around South Lake Tahoe to catch some views of the mountains and the lake. We got to capture the beauty of the lake from different angles around the city. Some of the pine cones I saw were bigger than my foot.

Other activities that I saw that were options were skiing, hikes, gondola ride, helicopter rides, paddle boarding, kayaking, bike rentals, snow mobiles, boat ride through the lake, and of course snow shoeing like we were supposed to do. If you want to do any of these activities I suggest you book them in advance before you go.


Our Air BNB was a cute bungalow that fit the vibes of the Lake Tahoe area. It was in a neighborhood that had a cabin-like feel to it. It was in walking distance to food and a few restaurants and to South Lake Tahoe. We were one mile from Heavenly Village and that is where a ton of shops and restaurants are. It is also where the gondola is located. This is right on the Nevada/California state line so there are casinos right across the line in Nevada too.

Heavenly Village

This was where the restaurant, shops, gondola, skiing area was. They had live music in the middle of the square area you can listen to as your walking and even eating. Everyone had dogs and it was a very laid back atmosphere. It was right next to the Nevada/California line also.


1. Sprouts Cafe

It was a cute breakfast place that had very healthy food options. I chose the banana, peanut butter, and honey bagel with a hot chocolate. This was in walking distance to our bungalow.

2. Slice of Sierra Pizza

This quaint pizza joint had large pizza by the slice.

3. Pick Six

4. Rojos

5. Maya’s Mexican Grill

This was authentic made from scratch Mexican food. It was delicious. We got to eat outside and enjoy the views of the mountains while we were in Heavenly Village.


I flew into Reno, Nevada. I visited the South Lake Tahoe side in California. I took an Uber/Lyft that took around one hour and fifteen minutes. This was a longer trek from the airport. The views along the way are stunning and you get to see the lake in your sight as you’re coming into South Lake Tahoe.

I would recommend renting a car because it cost me $88 to get to South Lake Tahoe in an Uber and then I had to schedule a Lyft back that cost me $145. I would suggest getting a car to get you from Reno to South Lake Tahoe.

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