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Sugar Factory: Miami

There is nothing like Miami's heat! The Sugar Factory is located at Hotel Victor on Ocean Drive in South Beach, Miami. If you stay on Ocean Drive (which I recommend), everything is right at your convenience. You are in walking distance of the food, drinks, beach, and nightlife.

Their menu at the Sugar Factory is incredible! I recommend two things you MUST TRY when you go. The Insane Milkshake!!! This flavor was Nutella Banana and it was to die for.

Next, you need to go upstairs to the rooftop and there is a view of Ocean Drive and a little bar at the top of Sugar Factory where you can get Martinis with a twist. I HAD to try the martini with dry ice. It was cool watching him make the drink too. Also I had the chocolate Martini and it was a little piece of heaven. If you want to experience Ocean Drive in Miami you need to visit Sugar Factory and grab a drink.

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