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Universal Studios: Orlando, Florida

This is where my inner kid comes out. I love Disney too but the rides and experience here at Universal are so much fun. I would recommend the park to park pass with the train when you purchase a park ticket.

Harry Potter World

The Hogwarts Express is located in Harry Potter World at each park. It takes you between parks and each way has a different train experience and station. I wouldn’t miss this! Harry Potter World. If you are or aren’t a fan you will love the experience in this magical world. The castle is a replica of the movie. Both rides are worth the wait. If you don’t want to wait too long or care if you’re with someone you know do single rider line for each ride. I would highly recommend the butter beer. It is worth all $9. I get two every day I’m in the park. I like the frozen butter beer the best instead of the normal or hot. At night the castle turns into a phenomenal interactive show on the castle with fireworks. 

Turkey legs you have to get! They may seem like they are hard to eat and I always avoided it because of that reason. But let me tell you now it is so savory! I got it by a stand next to the Simpson’s ride. I will get it each time I go now. 

Now for all the mimosa fans... I found a little hole in the wall that served different mimosas for $21 each. I tried the caramel apple and you best believe I got two. 

Also remember there are 2 parks: Universal Stuidos Florida’s and Universal’a Islands of Adventure. Both have a Harry Potter World and Ride!

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