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Versace Mansion: Miami

Versace Versace! The Villa Casa Casuarina is the official name of the Versace Mansion in Miami, Florida. Gianni’s is the restaurant to eat at in the Mansion. We went one night this summer in Miami to eat. We entered the Versace Mansion and you immediately feel poised and elegant.

The Mansion is exquisite. The detail is picture perfect. We ate at the restaurant near the golden tiled pool. I recommend splitting a bottle of wine with your table. I got the ravioli and it was scrumptious!

Of course we had to do a girl squad glam photo shoot by the pool. The pool was the perfect background for a photo shoot while you are dressed up on an elegant night out in Miami. This is definitely a must-do experience while on Ocean Drive. 

Be sure to call for reservations ahead of your visit to ensure you get a spot for dinner. The dinner is dim lighting and the restaurant is in the Mansion, but it is not covered fully with a roof.

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